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Domestic Piety

Dr. Alan Noell

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Date Part Title MP3
6/16/2002 5 Catechizing Listen
6/9/2002 4 Lord's Day, Catechizing Listen
6/2/2002 3 Lord's Day Listen
5/26/2002 2 Family Worship Listen
4/21/2002 1 Introduction Listen

Resources for Selected Aspects of Domestic Piety

Here are some practical resources connected to the study. There are, of course, several books on the general subjects of the family and family religion. One general resource is the booklet Covenant Home Training Guide by Bruce C. Stewart, published by Crown & Covenant Publications. (This is part of the package of materials our congregation gives to each new member household.) It includes suggested books for children and for parents as well as a schedule for memorization. Along this line, the Memory Work Notebook by Paul Settle has a memory program of scripture and catechisms. It is published by Great Commission Publications.

Family Worship

Ptacek, Kerry. Family Worship. 1994. Southern Presbyterian Press reprint, 1997.
(This is a good introduction that is in the church library.)

As for my House, a daily devotional guide for families from Great Commission Publications.

The Psalms of David, in Metre; with Notes, Exhibiting the Connection, Explaining the Sense, and for Directing and Animating the Devotion, by John Brown of Haddington. 1775. Presbyterian Heritage Publications reprint, 1991 (based on the American edition of 1841).
Also available at http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/Psalter0.htm
(For each Psalm, John Brown provides brief and helpful comments.)

Johnstone, Patrick. Operation World. Paternoster Publishing. 21st century edition, 2001.
(This is a helpful resource for prayer for the nations.)

The Lord's Day and Domestic Piety

Pipa, Joseph A. The Lord's Day. Christian Focus Publications. 1997.
(There are practical suggestions for the use of the Lord's Day toward the end of the book.)

Ray, Bruce A. Celebrating the Sabbath. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing. 2000.
(This emphasizes delight in the Lord's Day.)


Van Dyken, Donald. Rediscovering Catechism. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing. 2000.
(This is a good introduction to catechizing in the broad sense and is in the church library.)

Vincent, Thomas. The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly Explained and Proved from Scripture. 1674. Banner of Truth reprint, 1980.
Also available (with other commentaries on the Shorter Catechism) at http://www.bpc.org/wsc/index_wsc.html

Horton, Joyce M. How to Teach the Catechism to Children. Great Commission Publications. 1979.
(This is an aid for teaching the Catechism for Young Children.)

Rogers, Judy. Why Can't I See God? Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing.
(This is music based on the Catechism for Young Children.)

Shorter Catechism Memory Cards. Great Commission Publications.
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