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William Symington's

Messiah the Prince

A Part of the Puritan Paperback Series

Mr. Dave Carroll

The objective of the class:
To understand the doctrine of the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ--the Crown rights of Jesus Christ.

This book "holds a place in literature which is altogether unique. While books on the priestly work of the Redeemer, and especially on the Atonement, are numerous, no formal and exhaustive discussion of the kingly office of the Messiah--its necessity, its reality, its extent, and its application to various classes of moral agents--is elsewhere, I believe, to be found."

--From the introduction written by T. P. Stevenson.

"Dr. Symington's outstanding work has proved to be an enduring theological classic, one of the clearest expositions of the Scriptures in support of the proposition that Jesus Christ was appointed by the Father as King over all men and nations."

--From the introduction written by Ray Joseph.

Published by the National Reform Association.
"The mission of the National Reform Association is to maintain and promote in our national life the Christian principles of civil government."

Other books of interest:
  • De Regno Christi by Martin Bucer
  • The Scottish Covenanters by Johannes G. Vos
  • A Cloud of Witnesses (updated by John H. Thomson)
  • City of God by Augustine


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Date Part Chapter(s) Title MP3
8/8/2004 9 10 Perpetuity of Christ's Mediatorial Dominion Listen
8/1/2004 8 9 Mediatorial Dominion of Christ over the Nations (continued) Listen
7/25/2004 7 8 Mediatorial Dominion of Christ over the Nations Listen
7/18/2004 6 7 Kingly Office of Christ in Relation to the Church Listen
7/11/2004 5 6 Universality of Christ's Mediatorial Dominion Listen
7/4/2004 4 5 Spirituality of Christ's Mediatorial Dominion Listen
6/27/2004 3 3 & 4 Christ's Qualifications for the Kingly Office and Appointment of Christ to Mediatorial Dominion Listen
6/13/2004 2 1 & 2 Necessity of Christ's Mediatorial Dominion and Reality of Christ's Mediatorial Dominion Listen
6/6/2004 1 Introduction An Introduction to Messiah the Prince and the Life of William Symington Listen
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